Market entry services for Germany and other countries

FBA puts the international sales of your medium-size company on the road to success, effectively and verifiably. More than 180 companies have already benefited from our sales advisory service. Why shouldn't you also make use of the expertise in international business from experienced professionals in Germany and around the world?
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Finding Business Partners and Distributors

Having the right partners on the local level is the key success factor for your international sales operations. The local partners are your link to customers in the target country. They must have a thorough understanding or your products, they must be a good match to your company, they must possess market and sales competencies, they must be experienced and well established, and they must be dependable. Read more now

Partners at 58 locations worldwide

Numerous FBA associates at 58 locations, almost around the entire globe, are ready to explore new markets for you or to expand existing activities in foreign countries in a systematic and strategic approach. Read more now